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Worldwide IPT Trainings List

Worldwide IPT Trainings

Country / CityDescription
Aruba1) IPT and IPT-A training (in discussion 2019); Roslyn Law
Australia / Sydney1) Supervision of General Practitioners in IPC; Kay Wilhelm
Belgium1) Mental Health training for MSF (Doctors without Borders); Ana Andrade
Brazil / Rio de Janeiro1) Blended online/in person training for IPC by non-specialists [in progress]; Annika Sweetland, DrPH, MSW
Brazil / São Paulo1) Online IPT course in Portuguese, including videos with classes and role-playing; Marcelo Feijó de Mello and Euthymia Prado
2) IPT supervision and training (IPT UNIFESP); Marcelo Feijó de Mello
3) IPT weekly supervision group; Rosaly F. Braga and Euthymia Brandao de Almeida Prado
4) IPT course (60 hrs long with seminars and classes associated with clinical supervision of two patients with major depressive disorder); Marcelo Feijó de Mello
5) Online IPT course (5 weeks long) and supervision; Marcelo Feijó de Mello
6) IPT course in Brazilian Congress of Psychiatry; Marcelo Feijó de Mello
7) IPT course (Mental Health Meeting São Carlos Federal University, 2017); Marcelo Feijó de Mello
8) Task shifting interpersonal counseling for depression: a pragmatic randomized controlled trial in primary care. BMC Psychiatry 17: 225, 2017 (Matzuzak et al 2017)
9) IPT training and supervision of health professionals working at “favelas” (slums) (partnership with International Red Cross and UNIFESP); Marcelo Feijó de Mello
Canada1) IPT training workshops (Toronto and other parts, including at Canadian Psychiatric Association Conferences); Paula Ravitz
2) IPT training workshops (Uni of Toronto); Paula Ravitz
3) IPT training workshops for public health and non-specialist nurses; Paula Ravitz
4)  IPT Basics 2.0 workshop; Edward McAnanama, Paula Ravitz, Holly Swartz
5) Two day Introductory IPT course in Toronto (11/19-20); Cindy Stulberg and Ronald Frey
6) Course directed and taught continuing education accredited IPT workshops through the Mt. Sinai Psychotherapy Institute and Centre for Addiction and Mental Health; Paula Ravitz
Canada 1) IPT training for numerous community city-based and public-health agencies in Ontario; Paula Ravitz
Canada / Calgary1) IPT training of trainers for several Canadian Psychiatry training programs at University of Alberta; Paula Ravitz
2) IPSRT training by Holly Swartz
Canada / Edmonton1) Didactic lecture on IPT-A for psychiatry residents (University of British Columbia, University of Alberta); Ashley Miller
Canada / Halifax1) IPT training of trainers for several Canadian Psychiatry training programs at Dalhousie University; Paula Ravitz
Canada / Kingston1) Introduction to Interpersonal Psychotherapy: Two-Day Level A Workshop - Paul Kasurak
2) Supervision in IPT to Queen's University Department of Psychiatry residents - Paul Kasurak
Canada / London1) IPT training of trainers for several Canadian Psychiatry training programs at Western University; Paula Ravitz
2) Supervision in IPT to psychiatry residents (University of Western Ontario); Dr. Marnin J. Heisel, Ph.D., C.Psych.
3) Mini-course in IPT consisting of 4-5 lectures focusing on elements of IPT (seminar format) (University of Western Ontario); Dr. Marnin J. Heisel, Ph.D., C.Psych, Dr. Nancy Wardrop
Canada / Montreal1) IPT Level A Training to psychiatry residents in French (University of Montreal); Rahel W. Giorghis
2) IPT training (6 hours in curriculum) to residents (McGill University); Rahel W. Giorghis
Canada / Ottowa1) IPT PTSD workshop (Royal Hospital and Occupational Stress Injury unit); John C. Markowitz
Canada / St.Johns1) IPT training of trainers for several Canadian Psychiatry training programs at Memorial University; Paula Ravitz
Canada / Vancouver1) IPT training and supervision for psychiatry residents (University of British Columbia); Ashley Miller
China / Changsha - Hunan1) Introductory workshops in IPT; Ravitz, Wondimagegn, Pain & Swartz c. (2018)
2) IPT Workshop (2.5 days) - Xiangya Mental Health Institute, 10/19-21, 2018; Holly Swartz and Paula Ravitz
China / Hangzhou1) IPT training by Holly Swartz
China / Hong Kong1) 2-day training workshop IPT in Hong Kong (Trainer Betsy Bledsoe); Dr. Joseph Chung
2) IPT training workshops and case supervision (Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists training scheme); Dr. Joseph Chung
3) Introductory IPT training workshop and four skills training workshops (Hong Kong College of Mental Health Nurses); Dr. Joseph Chung
4) Irregular IPT trainings to NGOs in Hong Kong; Dr. Joseph Chung
China / Shangai1) 3-day IPT workshop (Jia Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai); Dr. Diana Koszycki (Institut de Savoir Monfort)
China / Zhejiang1) Introductory workshops in IPT; Ravitz, Wondimagegn, Pain & Swartz c. (2018)
2) IPT Workshop (2.5 days) - Hangzhou Seventh People’s Hospital, 10/26-28, 2018; Drs. Holly Swartz and Paula Ravitz
Colombia / Bogota1) IPT Training (Doctors without Borders); Ana Andrade
Congo1) IPC training for communitarian agents at Democratic Republic of Congo (partnership with International Red Cross and UNIFESP); Marcelo Feijó de Mello, Camila Matzuzaka, Rosaly F. Braga, Paula Orsini
Ethiopia1) The Biaber Project: Scaling up IPT for Common Mental Disorders in Ethiopia; Clare Pain ( & Dawit Wondimagegn (2012-2015); Grand Challenges Canada.
2) Psychotherapy Knowledge Translation and Interpersonal Psychotherapy: Using Best-Education Practices to Transform Mental Health Care in Canada and Ethiopia (Ravitz et al. 2014)
3) Biaber Project Learners' and Trainers' Manuals (2018) (led by Dawit Wondimagegn and Clare Pain); Paula Ravitz
4) IPT workshops for psychiatry residents at Addis Ababa University; Paula Ravitz
Finland1) IPC training (covering practitioner and supervisor training); Roslyn Law
2) Interpersonal psychotherapy for Finnish community patients with moderate to severe major depression and comorbidities: a pilot feasibility study (Karlsson et al. 2011)
France / Avignon1) Introduction (Level 1): 2 days intensive training (in French) (Centre Hopsitalier de Montfavet); Oguz May
France / Bordeaux1) Yearly introductory IPT training (leading to a Diplome Universitaire: Module Psychotherapie Interpersonnelle) at Bordeaux University; Elisabeth Glatigny and Ingrid Lacaze
2) IPT training Level A; Elisabeth Glatigny and collaborators
3) IPT training Level A; Oguz Omay, Ingrid Lacaze, Elisabeth Glatigny Dallay
4) IPT training for French CBT association (IRCCADE) during their CBT initial training; Elisabeth Glatigny Dallay, Ingrid Lacaze
France / Paris1) IPT Training (CREATIP); Thierry Bottai and colleagues
2) IPT training (Level A) (2019); Oguz Omay (in collaboration with CREATIP)
3) IPT Training; Oguz Omay (in collaboration with ARIP)
4) ISIPT Interpersonal Psychotherapy workshop; John C. Markowitz
5) IPSRT training by Holly Swartz
Germany1) IPT-Curriculum (University Medical Center Freiburg, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy); Dr. Elisabeth Schramm
Greece1) IPT Level A training and supervision (Institute for Psychological Applications); Anastasia Malama, Ioannis Tachmatzidis
Haiti1) Dissemination Project: Interpersonal Psychotherapy for the Treatment of Depressed Adults in Haiti; Dr. Lena Verdeli (GMH Lab)
2) Scaling Up for the “Bottom Billion”: “5×5” Implementation of Community Mental Health Care in Low-Income Regions (Belkin et al. 2011)
Hungary1) "IPT basics" theory and practice course; Márta Nová and Adrienne Stauder
2) Basic and Advanced IPT Trainings, including workshops in advance applications of IPT (IPT-A, IPT for PTSD, IPSRT, IPT and Mentalizing, etc.) offered at the Biennial ISIPT Conference in Budapest, November, 2019; Holly Swartz
India 1) Effectiveness of an intervention led by lay health counsellors for depressive and anxiety disorders in primary care in Goa, India (MANAS): a cluster randomized controlled trial; (Patel et al. 2010)
Ireland1) 6 day IPT Level A training course; Philip McGarry FRCPsych
Israel / Ramat Gan1) One-day workshop on IPT for PTSD at Bar Ilan University; John C. Markowitz
2) IPT for PTSD workshop (Bar-Ilan University); John C. Markowitz
Israel / Tel Aviv 1) IPT training for mental health providers in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and prenatal mental health professionals; Sharon Ben Rafael
2) IPT training and ongoing supervisions as part of the Tel Aviv University psychological services; Alexandra Klein Rafaeli
3) IPT-C (Interpersonal Counseling for university counseling Center) adapted at Tel-Aviv University for training and supervision; Alexandra Klein Rafaeli
Israel / Tel Aviv 1) IPT-A training; Anat Brunstein Klomek, Daphne Kopelman Rubin; Hila Argintaru
2) IPT training in CBT training institutes/ professional psychotherapy schools; Alexandra Klein Rafaeli, Anat Brunstein Klomek, Yael Latzer
3) IPT trainings among Arab mental health providers; Anat Brunstein Klomek
4) IPT training for clinical dietitians (in discussion 2019); Yael Latzer, Anat Brunstein Klomek, Inbal Balog
5) IPT-A training as part of the Israel National Suicide Prevention Program – Nationwide training of school psychologists in the Israeli Ministry of Education; Anat Brunstein Klomek
6) IPT included in undergraduate course at the Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology – Interdisciplinary Center; Alexandra Klein Rafaeli
7) IPT-A for graduate students as part of Introduction to Psychotherapy/Adolescence courses; Anat Brunstein Klomek
8) IPT taught in graduate studies of Jewish Orthodox graduate social work students; Yael Latzer, Hila Argintaru and Anat Brunstein Klomek
Japan / Tokyo1) IPT Level II: The Rinsho Buddhism Chaplaincy Training Program; Dr. Hiroko Mizushima
2) IPT Trainings once a month; Dr. Hiroko Mizushima
Jordan1) Evaluating a Comprehensive Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services for Vulnerable Refugees; Dr. Lena Verdeli (GMH lab)
Kenya1) Individual IPT HIV clinic [ongoing trial]; (Onu et al. 2016)
2) Adversities and mental health needs of pregnant adolescents in Kenya: identifying interpersonal, practical, and cultural barriers to care (Brief IPT training of research team) (Osok et al. 2018)
3) IPT training (in discussion 2019); Roslyn Law
Kuwait1) IPT-Kuwait Training, Adaptation, and Capacity-Building Project; Dr. Lena Verdeli (GMH lab)
Lebanon / Beirut1) “Capacity building and dissemination of Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Syrian displaced persons in Lebanon”; Dr. Lena Verdeli (GMH lab)
2) “Scaling up Interpersonal Psychotherapy for persons affected by the Syrian Crisis in Lebanon”; Dr. Lena Verdeli (GMH lab)
3) Ongoing study on systematic training of trainers in IPT to build Lebanese mental health capacity; Dr. Lena Verdeli (GMH lab)
Mexico1) IPT Training (Doctors Without Borders); Ana Andrade
Mozambique1) Scaling up PRIDE Mozambique - Scaling up Partnerships in Research to Implement and Disseminate Sustainable and Scalable Evidence Based Practices in Mozambique; Milton Wainberg, MD
2) Group IPT training; Milton Wainberg, MD
3) IPT and IPC training for health professionals and communitarian agents (partnership with Columbia University Department of Psychiatry PI: Milton Wainberg); Marcelo Feijó de Mello, Rosaly F. Braga and Camila Tanabe Matsuzaka
Myanmar (Burma)1) IPT in psychiatric resident training (masters and MD degrees in mental health), medical student and nursing training, primary care [future plans]; James Harris
Netherlands/ Amsterdam1) IPT and IPSRT trainings; Holly Swartz
2) IPT and Mentalization; Roslyn Law
3) IPT training for mental health professionals; Kosse Jonker, Marc Blom, Frenk Peeters
4) “Web-based therapist training in IPT for depression,” (Internet-based panel Spreading interpersonal psychotherapy across borders and media, Society for Psychotherapy Research); John C. Markowitz
5) “IPT werkt, maar hoe?” Vereniging IPT Nederland workshop; John C. Markowitz
New Zealand / Otago1) Interpersonal Psychotherapy Workshop (University of Otago); Dr. Sue Luty
2) Interpersonal Psychotherapy Supervisor Training workshop (University of Otago); Dr. Sue Luty and Dr. Susan Howard
Philippines1) IPT and IPT-A training (in discussion 2019); Roslyn Law
Portugal1) IPT course in Portuguese (Level A, B, C, group and individual supervision); Ivandro Soares Monteiro/Nuno Carrilho and colleagues
2) Half day workshop on IPT for PTSD (March 16 2019); John C. Markowitz, MD
3) IPT Level A Training (14th edition) in Portuguese (Porto, Portugal) — May 17-18 2019 (organized by the Academy of Interpersonal Psychotherapy by EME); Prof. Doutor Ivandro Soares Monteiro, Dr. Nuno Carrilho, Dr. Raquel Santos, Dr. Ana Martins, Dr. Catarina Silva
Russia / Mıoscow1) IPT Level A course; Family Rehab Institute
Spain / Murcia1) Interpersonal Psychotherapy for residents of Clinical Psychology by Juan Garcia. Contact directly to
Singapore1) IPSRT trainings; Holly Swartz, Ph.D.
Sweden1)Annual IPT trainings; The Swedish society of IPT (IPTS), University of Linköping, University of Umeå.
Switzerland1) Introduction (Level 1): 2 days intensive training (in French) (Les Toises Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Center); Oguz Omay
2) 4 days of intensive training spread over 4 months (March-June, 2019); accessible after completion of Level 1 (in French) (Les Toises Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Center); Oguz Omay
3) Individual and Group Supervision (Les Toises Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Center); Oguz Omay
4) IPT extra modules (training for midwives and OBGYNs, IPT-G, Bipolar) (Les Toises Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Center); Oguz Omay
5) Interpersonal Psychotherapy/trauma workshop (La Société Suisse de Psychothérapie Interpersonnelle); John C. Markowitz
Tanzania1) IPT-G Training course (for orphans and widows affected by HIV in Kagera, Tanzania); IPT Tanzania Project; NHS LOTHIAN; Tumaini Fund (Richard Taylor)
2) Training and Delivery of IPT Group ( done by Dr Richard Taylor and Holly Wilson); The Prospect Model Team, NHS Lothian (Patricia Graham)
Turkey / Istanbul / Balıkesir / Erzurum 1) Advanced Modular Training by Dr. Nazan Aydın ( Istanbul- Balıkesir- Erzurum )
Module 1 : Introduction to IPT, Attachment System, Structure of IPT
Module 2: Assessment/Initial Sessions/ Introduction – Meet with the patient, Interpersonal Inventory (Closeness Circle), Interpersonal Summary and Formulation1
Module 3: Interpersonal Summary and Formulation2, Interpersonal Disputes, Role Transitions, Life Events Timeline
Module 4: IPT Case Formulations with Attachment Styles, Grief and Loss, Interpersonal deficits (Social Isolation), Concluding of IPT and Maintenance
Application form:
2) Interpersonal Counseling Courses in Uskudar University by Dr. Gokben Hızlı Sayar (
3) Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Research ( 4 days course in October 2019 in Uskudar University by Dr. Oguz Omay & Dr. Gokben Hızlı Sayar)
Uganda1) Group Interpersonal Psychotherapy for depressed youth in IDP camps in Northern Uganda: adaptation and training (Verdeli et al. 2009)
2) StrongMinds: Treating Depression at Scale in Africa Program
3) Interventions for depression symptoms among adolescent survivors of war and displacement in northern Uganda: a randomized controlled trial (Bolton et al. 2007)
4) Psychological treatments delivered by community health workers in low-resource government health systems: effectiveness of group interpersonal psychotherapy for caregivers of children affected by nodding syndrome in Uganda (Mutamba et al. 2018)
5) IPT/IPC in public primary care facilities [ongoing trial] (Ndejje Health Center IV) (implementation of MANAS trial) (Pavel et al. 2018)
6) Group interpersonal psychotherapy for depression in rural Uganda: a randomized controlled trial (Bolton et al. 2003)
Ukraine1) IPT and IPT-A training (in discussion 2019); Roslyn Law
United Kingdom1) IPT training Level A (University of Surrey); Dr. Susan Howard
United Kingdom1) Pilot mixed-methods evaluation of interpersonal counselling for young people with depressive symptoms in non-specialist services; Wilkinson, Cestaro and Pinchen (2018)
United Kingdom / Edinburgh1) IPT training PGCert (Levels A, B, C, D); University of Edinburgh
2) IPT Acute Crisis training of nurse therapists (The Prospect Model Team, NHS Lothian); Patricia Graham
3) IPC training and delivery (mental health practitioners trained) (The Prospect Model Team, NHS Lothian); Patricia Graham
4) Adaptation and delivery of IPT learning (IPT-L) for frontline staff (Suzy Cooke) (The Prospect Model Team, NHS Lothian); Patricia Graham
5) Adapted IPT AC for BPD: Acute Crisis (Dr Richard Taylor) (The Prospect Model Team, NHS Lothian); Patricia Graham
6) Adapted and delivered IPT: Low Level Offending (Dr Suzie Black) (The Prospect Model Team, NHS Lothian); Patricia Graham
7) Adapted IPT Judicial: (IPT-JS) (The Prospect Model Team, NHS Lothian); Patricia Graham
8) 2019-2020 Adaptation of IPT AC for Adolescents in crisis (The Prospect Model Team, NHS Lothian); Patricia Graham
9) IPT module embedded as part of a Masters degree in Person Centered Care at Queen Margaret University (2019) (The Prospect Model Team, NHS Lothian); Patricia Graham
10) IPT training (Level A through Level D) (University of Edinburgh); Fiona Duffy and Suzie Black
United Kingdom / London1) IPT practitioner and supervisor training (London and Leers); Roslyn Law
2) IPT-A practitioner Training (PGDip); Roslyn Law
3) IPC training; Roslyn Law
4) IPT-A and IPT-AST Trainings; Jami F. Young
5) Interpersonal Psychotherapy Training for Adolescents with Depression (IPT-A) (Anna Freud National Centre for Children & Families); Roslyn Law
6) Two day course for therapists and for supervisors trained in using IPT when working with adults who want to move onto working with young people and families (Anna Freud Centre); Roslyn Law
United States1) IPSRT trainings by Ellen Frank, PhD
United States / Pittsburgh1)IPT for Psychiatry Residents. Yearly, 6 month course. Swartz HA, Wolfson L, Wells K.
2) IPT for Psychology Interns. Yearly. 2 day introductory course. Swartz HA, Levenson J
3) IPSRT Workshop. 2011, 2014, 2018. Frank E, Swartz HA
4) Center for Advanced Psychotherapy (CAP). Ongoing course. Psychotherapy training clinic for advanced IPT practice. Swartz HA, Wells K
5) IPT for MSW Students. Yearly course. Kim McCaskey Lee
6) IPT for Psychology Graduate Students. Yearly. 6 month rotation consisting of didactic coursework and practicum. Jill Cyranowski, Debra Frankel
United States1) IPT clinical work with perinatal women (Women’s Wellness & Counseling Service); Joy E. Moel, Ph.D (Department of Psychiatry at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics)
2) IPT lecture series (twice a year); Joy E. Moel, Ph.D (Department of Psychiatry at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics)
United States / New York1) Introduction to Interpersonal Psychotherapy Workshop (Albany Medical College, 2017); Warren Wallis, Psy.D.
2) 2.5 hour introductory IPT workshop for the social work department of Albany Medical Center; Warren Wallis, Psy.D. (Albany Medical College)
3) Annual class in IPT; Warren Wallis, Psy.D. (Albany Medical College)
United States / New York1) IPT for U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs health care system; (Stewart et al. 2014)
2) Summer Institute in GMH (Level A IPT training); Dr. Verdeli (GMH lab) & Kathy Clougherty
3) A randomized effectiveness trial of interpersonal psychotherapy for depressed adolescents (Mufson et al. 2004)
4) IPSRT trainings; Holly Swartz, Ph.D.
5) IPT-A Webinar training; Laura Mufson
6) IPT for PTSD workshop (New York-Presbyterian Military Family Wellness Center (Columbia/Cornell/NYU)); John C. Markowitz
7) Two-day IPT training workshop at Mt. Sinai Medical Center; John C. Markowitz
8) Course #C1014 IPT for PTSD (American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, New York); John C. Markowitz
9) Course #C2379 Rhythm and Blues: An Introduction to Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy (IPSRT) (APA Annual Meeting, New York);  Holly Swartz, Debra Frankel, John Markowitz
10) IPSRT training and supervision (Center for Treatment and Research of Bipolar Disorder); Alison Gilber
11) Didactics training in IPT and IPSRT (Center for Treatment and Research of Bipolar Disorder); Alison Gilber
12) IPT training workshops (American Psychiatric Association conferences); Paula Ravitz
United States / North Carolina1) Providing and training students and nurses to provide IPT for perinatal depression in outpatient and inpatient clinics at UNC; Crystal Edler Schiller, Ph.D (UNC Chapel Hill)
2) 1.5 credit hour course on IPT (School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill); Betsy Bledsoe
3) 1 day IPT & IPT-B workshops (through the NC Area Health Education Program; CE for health care providers); Betsy Bledsoe
4) 7 week graduate course covering didactic training in IPT (University of North Carolina School of Social Work in Chapel Hill, NC); Betsy Bledsoe
5) One day didactic trainings in IPT through the North Carolina Area Health Education Centers; Betsy Bledsoe
United States / Ohio1) IPT training (9-12 hours) since 2005 several times a year (Level A) to Post-graduate year 3 and 4 in adult psychiatry (Case Western Reserve University); Virginia Ayres, PhD
2) 2-3 hour overview of IPT to pgy-2 adult psychiatry and adolescent psychiatry since 2005 (Case Western Reserve University); Virginia Ayres, PhD
United States / Ohio1) IPT overview and IPT consultation with staff/trainees/interns at John Carroll University Counseling Center; Virginia Ayres, PhD
United States Los Angeles1) 2 day training in IPT-A; Scott Stuart’s IPT Institute
United States Philadelphia1) IPT-A and IPT-AST Training; Jami F. Young, Ph.D.
2) IPT seminars and brief trainings (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia); Jami F. Young, Ph.D.
United States / Texas - Austin IPSRT training by Holly Swartz
United States / Wisconsin1) Web-Based Therapist Training in Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Depression: Pilot Study (Kobak et al. 2017)
Zambia1) Adapting IPT for Zambian mothers with postpartum depression and HIV (in progress); Crystal Edler Schiller, Ph.D (UNC Chapel Hill)
2) StrongMinds: Treating Depression at Scale in Africa Program; Frank Harle (Country Director, StrongMinds Zambia)
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